This World Heritage Site is an amazing surprise to first time visitors, who are blown away by their sheer magnificence! The Hills hold a spiritual significance to the local people, cultivated over hundreds of years of living amongst the rocks, and this spiritual feeling very often makes itself felt by visitors even when only staying a day or two. Hidden amongst The Hills is scenery that has to be seen to be believed, a significant amount of historical interest – hundreds of Rock Art sites, the well known site of Cecil John Rhodes’ Grave at World’s View, and battlefields of the Matabele Rebellion. There is also wildlife of varied shapes and sizes, from Elephant Shrews to White and Black Rhino. The Whovi Game Park is one of the few remaining places where one can track and view the rare, wild Rhinocerous and is home to a great number of magnificent Black Eagles which are frequently seen soaring above the hills.

Big Cave Camp

Big Cave Camp, “Lodge on the Rocks” offers comfortable accommodation with wonderful views of the hills. Family rooms available. There are resident guides who take tours into the National Park. Campsite with ablutions, pub, power points.

Camp Amalinda

This well known beauty has amazing bedrooms built into the rocks. Touring into the Park with resident guides can be arranged at the lodge.

Matobo Hills Lodge

 larger lodge with 17 rooms. Wonderful views across the Park from the large and airy lounge and bar area, and swimming pool built into the rock.